1.Advanced 3D/4D & Stress ECHO

RML cardiology portfolio stretches across a suite of solutions that reflect a commitment to fighting cardiovascular disease.With a broad, technologically advanced portfolio, RML Non invasive Cardiac Lab shines with a wide offering of clinically relevant solutions.

echo stress test machine VIVID E9 by GE Healthcare. This is a dedicated Cardiac ultrasound machine which can scan the entire heart which implies comprehensive diagnostic information. This machine gives the ability to deliver increased volume size, resolution and volume rate. With the 4D Stress applications physicians can view the entire ventricle under stress, not possible with conventional machines. Such high quality images enable us to use this machine for screening as well as diagnostic purposes to detect / rule out heart disease.

We Believe in providing best treatment to our patients.RML Non Invasive Cardiac Lab Provides Facilities for Fetal Echo Cardiography & Neonatal EchoCardiography also

2.Cardiac Stress (TMT)

Treadmill test (TMT) or treadmill stress test is one of the commonest forms of stress tests for diagnostic evaluation of coronary artery disease.The TMT machine installed at RML Non Invasive Cardiac Lab uses special algorithms and measures multiple risk factors which can be reported simultaneously, giving a comprehensive view of the risk, and also can assess the risk of Sudden Cardiac Death, which is now is a very common phenomenon across the world.

RML also care for our senior citizen- Therefore RML come up with Ergometry Test (e-Bike)- Which facilitates the testing of those people who are unable to walk for the TMT Test. The can get the test done by just lie down on the machine .

Ergometry Test By Console e-Bike at RML

3.Ambulatory 24Hrs BP Monitoring

Tonoport V of Wipro Ge available at RML to provide the best facilities to our Patients

4.Pulmonary Function Test

Easy one – CS (GE) & Mini Spir (MIR) Machines available at RML for PFT Testing makes the testing method fast ,accurate & reliable.”Easy one-CS (GE) Machine for PFT at RML.”

5.Electrocardiography (ECG)

RML Digital Imaging Lab has brought continued innovation to diagnostic cardiology solutions over the years. Today, our commitment to improving ECG analysis and developing new solutions is stronger than ever. Whether you are performing a resting, stress or Holter cardiac examination , our extensive cardiology portfolio provides solutions that help meet your needs for accurate diagnosis and cardiology data management.  “GE Mac 1200 ST Available at RML”

6.Holter Test

The Holter’s most common use is for monitoring heart activity (electrocardiography or ECG), but it can also be used for monitoring brain activity (electroencephalography or EEG) or arterial pressure. Its extended recording period is sometimes useful for observing occasional cardiac arrhythmias or epileptic events which would be difficult to identify in a shorter period of time. For patients having more transient symptoms, a cardiac event monitor which can be worn for a month or more can be used

GE SEER Light 12 Model is available at RML