Clinical Trial Facilities

Understanding the specific needs of Clinical Trials & Research, RML Mehrotra Pathology has set up a Clinical trail wing to provide dedicated facility in this field. The Clinical Trials wing of Laboratory meets international standards, can handle high volume workloads, provides a secure and safe environment for sample storage and an advanced laboratory information management system.Client specific Project Coordinators are designated to provide personalized services. Highest priority is given to client confidentiality. The Clinical Research Services can customize all its processes and functions to the needs of the client.

RML Mehrotra Pathology has a rich working experience of over 60 Years as a reference laboratory and is one of the highest accredited laboratories in the country RML Mehrotra Pathology has accreditations from the National Accreditation Board for Testing & Calibration Laboratories (NABL).

We are committed to provide quality central laboratory services for clinical trials, understanding fully that the reliability of clinical laboratory data is crucial for the success of each trial. We maintain the integrity and confidentiality of your research which is critical to the well being of each study subject and overall success of the trial. The lab provides services that meet the required regulatory standards of the pharmaceutical industry.In last five years we have offered our services as central laboratory for clinical trials to most of the leading national and international pharmaceutical companies.

Unmatched Experience

RML Mehrotra Pathology has always been a pioneer in introducing new tests and technologies in the Indian market. As a result we have the most comprehensive test menu encompassing all specialties. We have experienced pathologists who can assist in interpreting results and designing of correct protocols for the clinical trials.

Quality Assurance

The laboratory has a well documented Quality Assurance (QA) program based on good laboratory practices (GLP). We perform testing in the laboratory using standard operating procedures and world class equipment. Our Quality Assurance team understands that accurate clinical data is key to maintaining the integrity of your research and for the well-being of each subject.