• Are portable platform measuring systems
  • Contain calibrated capacitive sensors
  • Get connected via USB to laptop or desktop computers
  • Require Windows 7 or 8 operating system
  • Accurately measure foot pressure and body weight in static and dynamic mode
  • Start recording automatically when the subject´s foot contacts the platform
  • Data acquisition can be controlled by novel database
  • Link with novel foot report software.

2.Neuropathy Analyser - Vibrotherm Dx (Hot / Cold & Vibration)

In diabetes mellitus, polyneuropathy is an important complication and should be diagnosed as early as possible in order to prevent damage to the patient. Determination of warm, cold, and heat pain thresholds enables one to judge small nerve fibre sensitivity.

The loss of thermal perception is the earliest way of detecting diabetic neuropathy. The small end nerves respond to thermal changes much better than the vibration changes. By detecting the neuropathy early, the management becomes easy. We are one of the very few companies have a combined vibration and thermal perception threshold detector in the world and this is our Proprietary product. We are proud to present this excellent product for the effective management of diabetic neuropathy

Neuropathy Analyser model VIBROTHERM Dx is used to measure the loss of vibration and thermal perception thresholds.

3.Cardiac Autonomic Neuropathy System Analyzer (CAN)

One of the most overlooked of all serious complications of diabetes is cardiovascular autonomic neuropathy (CAN), which encompasses damage to the autonomic nerve fibers that innervate the heart and blood vessels, resulting in abnormalities in heart rate control and vascular dynamics. It also demonstrates that autonomic dysfunction can affect daily activities of individuals with diabetes and may invoke potentially life-threatening outcomes. Advances in technology, built on decades of research and clinical testing, now make it possible to objectively identify early stages of CAN with the use of careful measurement of autonomic function and to provide therapeutic choices that are based on symptom control and that might abrogate the underlying disorder.

The autonomic nervous system is subdivided into the parasympathetic and sympathetic components that work antagonistically to provide a very fine degree of control over their target organs. In general, the parasympathetic nervous system predominates during rest by slowing heart rate, lowering blood pressure, and promoting digestion. The sympathetic nervous system is responsible for mounting responses to physical and psychological stimuli.

The system uses ECG Cardio-Tachogram (R-R interval) and advanced automatic NIBP (Non-Invasive Blood Pressure) module to conduct a battery of six tests. Being fully automatic, it eliminates the need of manual recordings, readings and calculations. These tests are done with patients co-operation and the PC onscreen panel helps the to complete the tests successfully.

4.Ankle Brachial Index(ABI) And Toe Brachial Index(TBI)

Our automatic measuring vascular doppler is highly effective in the diagnosis of vascular insufficiencies which occur in the patients of diabetesThe Versalab Auto is a complete vascular Doppler with automatic cuff inflator pump and computer interface. It automatically captures the Doppler and PPG waveforms and calculates ABI and TBI results quickly and accurately. It has a real-time waveform LCD and integrated optional printer for documentation required. Pulse Volume Recordings (PVR) and Penile Doppler study are possible in this model. Most effective abi Doppler  is very  user friendly.